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Loyalty Program Regulations

Hotel Guest Loyalty Program Regulations

Chapter I


1. Loyalty Program (hereinafter – the Program) and the rules set forth herein apply to Holders (hereinafter – Card Holders or Clients) of Loyalty Program Cards (hereinafter – the Cards) at Health and recreation centre  “Grand SPA Lietuva” in Druskininkai, Hotel „Palangos Vėtra” in Palanga, „Old Mill Hotel“ and „Old Mill Conference“ in Klaipėda, „Magnus“ in Kaunas (hereinafter – the Hotels).
2. By filling in the Cient‘s Questionnaire the Client agrees to take part in the present hotel loyalty program and consents to the use of his/her personal data for direct marketing purposes. The Client agrees to receive information about privileges granted to members of the Loyalty Program, special promotions and the News.
3. The Hotels shall observe confidentiality in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data.

Chapter II

Card Issue and Logging on to Hotel Loyalty Program System

1. The Program is open to any natural person who is more than 18 years of age, has filled in the Loyalty Membership Questionnaire and presented it to the reception of the Hotel.
2. The Client shall pay a one-time Card administration fee, which is equal to 3 EUR (three euros).
3. Upon filling in the Client’s Questionnaire and paying up Card administration fee, the Client shall be issued with a Card. The Card shall be activated (the Client’s data shall be entered into the system) within 1 (one) business day, or, in case of unforeseen circumstances – within 2 (two) business days from the day when the filled-in questionnaire is submitted to hotel reception.
4. The Card shall be issued to 1 (one) natural person. Only the person in whose name the Card has been issued shall be entitled to use it.
5. Hotel receptionist shall have the right to ask the Client for an ID to confirm the Cardholder’s identity.
6. If the Card is lost, the Cardholder must report the loss to the manager of the issuing Hotel. The Hotel manager shall block the Card on the day of receipt of the report.
7. When the Client is issued with a new Card (with a new registration number), the funds accumulated in the lost Card shall be transferred to the new Card within 1 (one) business day, or, in case of unforeseen circumstances – within 2 (two) business days from the day of issue of the new Card. A charge of 3 EUR (three euros) shall apply to the issue of the new Card.


Procedure for Applying Discounts:

1. The Cardholder shall be entitled to use the privileges (discounts) offered by the Program only after an initial amount of 100 EUR (one hundred euros) is accumulated in his/her account, however members of the program (Hotels) shall have the right to provide exclusive offers to the Cardholders and send information about special promotions and the News before the necessary amount is accumulated.
2. The Client must present the Card to the Hotel manager at check-in. The discount shall be applied to the Cardholder at final check-out.
3. The Hotels reserve the right to change the amount of the discount, in which case information about the change shall be published in the Loyalty Program section of hotel websites, or communicated to the Client via SMS or e-mail.
4. Discounts shall not apply when payment is made with hotel gift vouchers.
5. Discounts for the members of the Loyalty Program shall be applied off the best publicly available prices, but shall not apply to promotional services.
7. Participants of the Program (Hotels) reserve the right to provide exclusive offers to the Cardholders and send information about special promotions and the News before the necessary amount is accumulated.
8. Client‘s funds spent in the Hotels specified in the Loyalty Program shall be summed up within up to 2 (two) years.  



1. Discounts are applicable not to the official price but to the best published price. The best published price is the rate published at the reception, on internet sites and in the booking systems (internal or external) of the Loyalty Program hotels. No discounts are applicable to the prices published on special offers and gift portals (such as, or others).
2. Discounts are applicable only in case of bookings directly by phone or by e-mail.
3. A Cardholder is subject to the discounts depending on the sum of money spent in the hotels of the Loyalty Program (Table 1). The spent sum covers payments for accommodation, restaurant meals, SPA home services (if available at the hotel), medical center services (if available at the hotel).
4. Discounts shall apply to the services named in Table:

Spent sum of money, €AccommodationService packagesSPA homeMedical center
100-14995 %5 %10 %10 %
1500-499910 %7 %10 %10 %
5000-1499915 %10 %10 %10 %
15000 and more20 %15 %10 %10 %


Final provisions:

1. The Cardholder shall protect the Card against high temperature and electromagnetic impact or mechanical damage.
2. Any changes of Program member‘s personal data must be notified to the manager of „Grand SPA Lietuva“ by phone No. +370-313-512-00
3. Program membership can be terminated at the initiative of the Cardholder and/or the Hotels:
    3.1 AT THE INITIATIVE OF THE MEMBER – with a written request for membership termination;
    3.2 At the initiative of the Hotels – with a minimum of 10 (ten) days’ notice about the expiry of the Hotel Loyalty Program published in the Program section of the Hotel websites and at Hotel receptions.
4. Upon Program membership termination the Card shall be blocked.