pirciu erdveFeel the healing effects of heat in the bath area of the water park! You can enjoy as many as 5 different types of saunas and an oriental hammam, where you can treat yourself with individual procedures. Located next to the baths, experienced massage professionals offer various kinds of fragrant body massages. To freshen up after the treatments, go for fun in the pool of cold water, in the ice room, or in one of the five fun showers.

We invite you to treat yourself every day in free bath programs. Meanwhile, lovers of unique sensations can book individual bath treatments.

Sauna Area:

Karštoji Versmė steam bath (up to + 50 °C, up to 99 per cent humidity). High humidity of the bathhouse, flavours and music helps to calm the visitor and offers a retreat from daily stresses.

Tropinis Karštis bath (+60-65ºC, 45 per cent humidity). Here, visitors will feel the climate adjusted by heat and humidity, the game of light, and relaxing music. All of this creates an oasis of tranquillity.

Saulės Atspindžiai infrared sauna (up to +60ºC). In this bath you will experience the warm sun, soft music, and pleasant fragrance. All this helps to relax and rest.

Kedras Sauna (up to + 95 °C, 25 per cent humidity). In the sauna visitors sense a pleasant smell of cedar wood, and hear quiet music.

Hammam (+ 32-39ºC, 45-65 per cent humidity). You can subscribe to these sauna procedures after bath – for a body scrub, rubbing oils, honey, body cosmetic mask or other relaxing face and body treatment.

Šaltmetis cold room (-2, -5ºC). There is nothing better than freshening up in the ice room after a soak in a hot bath.

Work Time

10.00 - 20.00
II - VI10.00 - 22.00
VII9.00 - 21:00