spa3SPA home boasts a unique Amber Room – discover this fun and relaxing oasis dedicated specifically for you. 80 kilograms of Baltic amber was used for its installation. Amber strengthens the immune system, promoting the recovery of cells, reduces stress, removes the toxins and assists in restoring the skin's natural elasticity and tone.

In the Amber Room you will lay on a specially designed amber massage table having no analogues in the world, created by a famous jeweller Šarūnas Davainis. Also, enjoy the only in Druskininkai infrared amber sauna and amber foot reflexology treatments.

Test the face and body therapies with this Lithuanian gold featuring unique properties: massage with amber balls or amber cream, cosmetic procedures with an amber cosmetic line including amber oil, and amber powder.

Lithuanian amber powers for your beauty!

TreatmentDuration, min.Price (VAT included), Eur
REGENERATING AND DETOXIFYING AMBER TREATMENT Facial skin preparation, a mask-scrub with amber powder and argan oil, wrap with a detoxifying serum, a facial massage, and a wrap with a regenerative detoxifying cream.4544.00
RELAXING AMBER THERAPY Infra-red sauna, body exfoliation with amber powder and sea salt crystals, detoxifying body wrap with honey, relaxing body massage, a facial skin preparation, scrub mask with amber powder and argan oil, wrap with a detoxifying serum, and ending with a regenerating and detoxifying facial cream.9086.00
REGENERATING BODY MASSAGE WITH AN AMBER RITUAL Facial and body massage with amber powder, amber balls, and argan and amber oils to stimulate the renewal of cells.6055.00
AMBER FOOT THERAPY Amber foot reflexology, foot exfoliation with amber powder and sea salt crystals, and a foot massage.4535.00
Relaxing back massage with warm amber balls.
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