tailandietiski masazaiClassical Thai massage

This is a double action massage. Acupressure used during this massage helps to relax tense muscles, improves blood circulation and balances Your emotional level. After this massage You will feel like a new born.


Stimulating massage

This is a strong, vibrant, stimulating all groups of muscles massage. It increases body flexibility, decreases fatigue symptoms, provides energy, improves blood circulation and reduces stress.


Full body oil massage

They call it Swedish massage in Thailand. Massage is made using thumbs and palms only. Slow and deep strokes with natural oil stimulate blood circulation and relax tense muscles. This massage also refreshes the skin.


Back – shoulder massage

Massage will reduce muscle tension in Your back, neck and shoulders. Most suitable for those who work in the office on a sedentary jobs where the main weight lies for the upper back and neck parts.


Leg – foot reflexological massage

Reflexology - is one of the oldest medical treatments that have been practiced in both Chinese and American Indian medicine. A number of points, all related to various body parts are stimulated during this massage. It will improve blood circulation and whole body condition.


Hydrating massage

We use “Mon Platin” body butter from Israel for this massage which intensively moisturisers and tightens the skin, improves its elasticity. After this relaxing massage your skin will be silky and pleasantly scented.


Face massage

This massage is a combination of natural remedies and gentle acupressure. The skin will become soft and bright, giving you a sense of freshness and health.


Thai herbal massage

Natural warm Thai herbal mixture is an additional element of this classical Thai massage. It helps to stimulate every acupressure point, relieves pain, relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation.


Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy – is the art to extract special oil from herbs, flowers and tree barks. Our massage masters from Thailand use these oils to give you a feeling of lightness and tranquility for your whole body and soul.


Relaxing massage

Very light and gentle massage performed by slow and wide circular motions. This massage will releave tension and stress in your body and soul.


Head massage

Totally relaxing massage for those body parts which are the most affected by stress and tension: shoulders, head and neck. It completes with rejuvenating face and head massage. This treatment also helps to reduce headaches, sinusitis and symptoms of insomnia.


Hand massage

This massage is for special points on your palms which are responsible for all other organ functions. This is a nice, relaxing massage and provides not only refreshment to the hands but also for the entire body.


Hair mask

Natural hair mask made of natural products by our massage masters from Thailand. This mask makes your hair become lush and strong.


Cosmetic hair mask with Israelian company „Mon Platin“ products with dead sea minerals. Especially suitable for dry hair as it restores hair moisture and feeds head skin.


„Youthful radiance“ (natural face massage + face mask)

This is a face skin care treatment with natural products which slows down ageing process and returns youthful radiance.


„A source of pleasure“ (Face massage + Face mask + Full body Thai massage)

This treatment will help to forget stress, fatigue and will relax face and whole body muscles providing strength and sense of wellness.


„Burst of energy“ (Body scrub + Aromatherapy massage)

Body scrub will remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and aromatic oils will nourish every cell of your skin. Vibrating movement massage will relax and calm the whole body muscles. After the treatment You will experience new burst of energy


„Thailand smile“ (Face massage + Cosmetic face mask + Full body Thai massage)

Biologicallly active points are stimulated through exercise using palms, forearms, feet and the strength of the whole body to relaxe the muscles and strenthen the ligaments . At the same time face treatment restores the moisture balance and stops skin ageing processes.


„A source of well-being“ (Shoulder massage + Leg and Foot massage)

This treatment gives the flow of vital energy and improves blood and lymph circulation. It is known for its refreshing, relaxing properties for the shoulders and legs to the toes. The whole body will get a feeling of well-being.

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