TreatmentPrice (0% VAT included) Eur
Consultation of the dentist - odontologist15,00
Consultation of the orthopaedic specialist15,00
Consultation of the orthognathic maxillofacial surgeon21,00
Consultation of the periodontist15,00
Preventive examination9,00
Diagnosis of dental caries „Diagnodent“ (if follow up treatments are booked)Free of charge
Diagnosis of dental caries „Diagnodent“15,00
Radiovisiography (CD copy)6,00
Panoramic dental X-ray (if follow up treatments are booked)20,00
Panoramic dental X-ray25,00
Panoramic dental X-ray (without doctor's note)35,00
Treatment plan15,00

Hygiene, preventive dental treatments, paedriatic dentistry

TreatmentPrice (VAT included) Eur
Formation of oral hygiene skills6,00
Complete oral hygiene treatment35,00 - 41,00
Partial oral hygiene treatment18,00 - 21,00
Emergency oral hygiene18,00
Local anaesthesia6,00
Devitalising toothpaste application6,00
Deep complicated caries treatment38,00 - 53,00
Filling polishing3,00
Fluoride application (one tooth)6,00
Fluoride application (all teeth)29,00
Desensitisation of tooth neck (ozone therapy)3,00
Herpes simplex ozone therapy6,00
Treatment to accustom the child to dentistryų9,00
Filling for a deciduous tooth24,00
Temporary filling for a deciduous tooth6,00
Extraction of a deciduous tooth9,00 - 15,00
Dental sealant placement (one tooth)6,00

Therapeutic treatment

TreatmentPrice (VAT included) Eur
Endodontics (primary)
Upper front teeth 1.3;1.2;1.1; 2.1;2.2;2.3from 29,00
Lower front teeth 4.3; 4.2; 4.1; 3.1; 3.2; 3.3from  50,00
Premolar teeth (upper and lower jaw)from 73,00
Molar teeth (upper and lower jaw)from 116,00
Glass ionomer dental fillings after endodontic therapy and before prosthesis:
Temporary filling6,00
Root canal treatment87,00

Aesthetic dental restoration with composite fillings

TreatmentPrice (VAT included) Eur

Orthognathic surgery, periodontology

TreatmentPrice (VAT included) Eur
Tooth extraction (local anaesthesia included)29,00 - 87,00
Impacted tooth extraction87,00 - 145,00
Root tip resection73,00 - 87,00
Deep dental curettage (under-gum concretion removal – 1 tooth)9,00
Gingivectomy (1 tooth)12,00
Tooth support with fibreglass pins (1 tooth)18,00
Sinus lift surgery 580,00 - 869,00
Cystectomy 261,00
Surgical crown lengthening29,00 - 44,00
Flap surgery (1 tooth)18,00
Periodontal surgery (upper/lower jaw)145,00
Operculum removal3,00 - 6,00
Epulis removal15,00
Frenectomy29,00 - 58,00
Dental abscess incision and drainage12,00 - 15,00
Wound check-up (for new patients)6,00 - 9,00
Wound irrigation3,00 - 6,00
Drain insertion3,00 - 6,00
Suture removal (free of charge for regular visitors)6,00
Epulis Removal58,00


TreatmentPrice (VAT included) Eur
Post-and-core build-up with REBILDA composite materials and fibreglass posts87,00
GRADIA micro ceramic composite cover232,00
Metal single/double – rooted teeth inlay67,00
Metal triple – rooted teeth inlay76,00
Metal two/three parts dental inlay105,00
Temporary plastic crown (made in the clinic)27,00
Temporary plastic crown (made in the laboratory)53,00
Metal-plastic crown87,00
Cast crown183,00
Metal-ceramic crown232,00
Metal-ceramic crown with artificial gingiva273,00
Zirconium dioxide based ceramic crown522,00
Ceramic crown IPS EMAX363,00
Glass-ceramic laminate veneer522,00

Removable Dentures

TreatmentPrice (VAT included) Eur
Aesthetic denture (1-3 teeth)116,00
Partial denture232,00
Complete denture348,00
Flexible denture522,00
Arch supporting denturefrom 667,00
Flexible arch supporting denture667,00
Soft dental guard (bruxism guard)47,00
Mouth guard (for sportsmen)87,00 - 145,00
Occlusal guard261,00
Denture rebasing in the clinic27,00
Denture rebasing in the laboratory56,00
Bugel Prosthesis Rebase (made in the laboratory)105,00
Pharyngeal Аrch15,00

Prosthesis on the implant (prices do not include individual assembling parts)

TreatmentPrice (VAT included) Eur
Temporary crown87,00
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant348,00 - 551,00
Screw-retained metal-ceramic crown on the implant377,00
Screw-retained metal-ceramic dental bridge connected to 4-6 implants3621,00 - 6083,00
Ball-retained dentures for the edentulous lower jaw1391,00
Zirconium dioxide based ceramic crown580,00


Extra services

TreatmentPrice (VAT included) Eur
Stamped crown removal12,00
Cast crown removal18,00
Metal inlay removal27,00
Alginate impression12,00
Silicon impression24,00
Crown cementation15,00
Individual spoon27,00
Complimentary parts for prosthesis on the implant131,00
Diagnostic model15,00


TreatmentPrice (VAT included) Eur
Single tooth implant placement (an implant and gingival former placement included)    667,00
Standard implant placement (depends on the type of the implant)638,00 - 782,00
Implant placement to correct osseous defects (depends on the type of the implant)638,00 - 782,00
Sinus augmentation (upper jaw)869,00
Bone block surgery1159,00
Gingival former placement58,00