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Minimal stay - 2 nights.

The price of programme include:

  • Accommodation, bathrobes in the room, parking, Wi-Fi;
  • Meal type: breakfast, lunch OR dinner (HB).
  • 3 treatments for each person during the stay;
  • Herbal tea in the SPA café (Water Park) (1 time per person per stay);
  • Unlimited entrance to the Gym;
  • Unlimited entrance to the Aqua park;
  • Daily mineral water (recommended 3 times a day).

1 treatment per person:

  • Baths (15 min.): pearl bath “Ginger Heat” OR mineral bubble bath PLUS bath „Ocean crystals“ OR moisturizing relaxing mineral bubble bath PLUS bath “The Waft of Youth” OR milk bath “Cleopatra”
  • Halotherapy (salt room)(30min.) (HEALTH CENTRE);
  • Back massage with amber balls (30 min.) (SPA HOME) OR classical back massage (30 min.) (SPA HOME)

FOR A CHILD (4-13 years old):

  • Halotherapy (salt room) (30min.) (HEALTH CENTRE);
  • Contrastic mineral water baths (Kneip’ s pool); (15 min.) (HEALTH CENTRE);
  • Chosen hammam procedure (application essential oil (15 min.) OR foam massage (15 min.) or body scrub with your chosen scrub (AQUA PARK);
  • Herbal tea in the SPA café (Water Park) (1 time per person per stay)

Children up 3 years old stay free with their parents. Breakfast and visit to the Aqua Park are included. FB/HB meal plan (lunch and dinner) for children up 3 years old is available at no charge in the buffet-style restaurant if their parents have FB/HB meal plan. Procedures for children of this age are not included.


  • Bathrobes in the room;
  • Mineral water: recommended 3 times per day;
  • Parking;
  • Wireless internet connection.

Treatments must be booked in advance: +370 313 52 824 or gydykla@grandspa.lt

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